Justin Tinucci

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At the age of  ten,  I relocated with my mom, part time at first,  from  Denver, Colorado To  Hollywood, California  to pursue my dream to become an actor. I've never looked back.   I love living in Southern California and I've had so many great opportunities to work with some amazing professionals.  I've done everything from recurring  roles and guest star roles on network and cable television, to lead roles and supporting roles in  films. I've also worked on print ads and national commercials. I've loved every minute of it!  I also host the radio show "The Music Project" every Sunday on UBN Radio Network. Check out some of my work by watching my Actor's reel, which has a few clips of my roles  in film and television.


When I picked up a guitar for the very first time at the age of eleven, I felt so much passion. My love for music grows stronger and stronger every day. I spend the majority of my free time with my band, My Inner Eyeland. We write and perform original Music.  Check out our website at www.myinnereyelanc.com.  The band combines a variety of different genres for a unique and creative sound.  I am primarily the lead guitar player, but I also do  backup vocals, keyboard, and bass as well. I see myself working in the music and entertainment industry as a full time career after I attend college.  

Other  Stuff

Music, acting and school take up most of my time, but I also have a few other passions. Extreme sports, travel, and charity work are among my other "hobbies".  My favorite extreme sport? Indoor Skydiving. I can't wait to jump out of a plane for the first time when I turn 18.  In the summer I spend time at the beach surfing and during the winter you can find me on the slopes snowboarding . I also love to chill with my friends and band mates  - we can often be found sitting around the campfire out in my backyard making s'mores and writing music.  We also spend a lot of time in our studio hanging out and working on our music and writing.

Actor's  Reel

Commercial Reel